9. Science

MIAMI, Florida (AP) — An enormous, hazy cloud of dust from the Sahara Desert is blowing toward the southern United States, but meteorologists do not expect much effect beyond colorful sunsets.


“This is not going to be a tremendous event, but it will be kind of interesting,” said Jim Lushine, a severe weather expert with the National Weather Service in Miami.


  — Associated Press, July 23, 2005


While scientists may consider this giant dust cloud to be of little effect — little more than simply interesting — think of the effect that such beautiful sunsets will have on the minds and spirits of sensitive people? Gifts of nature, like a beautiful sunset, the early morning rain, or a bright, full moon are often times enough to move me beyond feelings of hopeless surrender and into an energetic flow.


Day 9 Guide


Today, listen out for the crickets at dusk; look for all of the different colors in nature; breathe in the smell of a nearby rain. Let nature help you to step beyond whatever is clouds your thinking.


© 2005, Levi Hill

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