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Joyous Gard: Daily Guide
December 2006 ~ Day 28 The Principle of Beauty

It is the temperate use of beauty which we must aim at, and a certain candour of observation, looking at all things, neither that we may condemn if we can, nor that we may luxuriously abandon ourselves to sensation, but that we may draw from contemplation something of the inner light of life.

— Benson, Joyous Gard, The Principle of Beauty

Love, or any particular feeling of connectedness, eases the search for the many elements in life that would leave you aglow. Sunsets, for example, are softer and more heavenly to the spirit in love. And the silent spaces that would otherwise be lonely are instead inspiring and welcome.

Think of a time when you really felt good – when everything in life was enjoyable, when laughter was real. What was it that aroused such grand feelings? Why did life seem so different, so right?

I believe that many times you can identify a single trigger that makes the entire world appear bountiful and florid. It could be a newfound relationship, a decision made final, the achievement of a goal, or the breakthrough of an idea of thought.

Day 28 Guide

Just think of it. Today – right now — you are just one thought away from feeling great!

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