18. Visions

I can think of nothing more important in the world than love, the mysterious connection that binds us in so many ways. The romantic love of Romeo and Juliet was so meaningful that one wasn’t willing to live without the other. The love between parent and child is one of safety and nurture, of a feeling of being at home in a big, strange world. Such a force as love takes us beyond the edge of life’s daily trials and onto the stage of greater things.

It is on the occasion when you find yourself in touch with such greatness that you are sure of its supernatural and awesome power. You sense a power far beyond the normal grit of daily life that speaks of purpose and design, a power attributable only to God.

Day 18 Guide:

Today, I want you to write a letter to someone you love. It could be a friend, a child or parent, a spouse or girlfriend (boyfriend). Write about the things that so attract you to that person, write about the importance of their love or friendship.

The purpose is to turn your mind towards greater things, even if only for a moment. You want to forge the habit of seeing beyond the day-to-day and into the greater realm of meaning.

(c) 2004 Levi Hill

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