19. Thought

The way that you view the world, its direction and even the people around you, in large part, colors your outlook on life and your attitude.

It seems that in relating to progress people generally fall into two main opposing camps. There are a) those who think that misfortune follows them and that things never turn out as they should, and b) those who consider life to be a host of open-ended opportunities. The former acts to protect itself from the slings and arrows of life, while the latter takes advantage of life’s situations to forge ahead. Failure is common to both, but opinions as to the purpose of failure are polar opposites.

Day 19 Guide:

I want you to look back at the end of the day today and evaluate your successes and failures. Was it a day of accomplishment for you? Where did you fail? Do you think those failures might somehow help you?

Think of how failure might merely be the hint of an approaching opportunity.

© 2004 Levi Hill

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