23. Art and Morality

if there is a bad sign of the world\’s temper just now, it is that men will listen to politicians, scientists, men of commerce, and journalists, because these can arouse a sensation, or even confer material benefits; but men will not listen to poets, because they have so little use for the small and joyful thoughts that make up some of the best pleasures of life.


— Art and Morality, Joyous Gard


Small pleasures: sitting in the still of my home, hearing the faint sounds of a child\’s program from a television in another room, seeing my dog curled up in her bed and thinking that I\’m the luckiest man in the world.


And so my prayer:


With children who\’ve won my heart, a beautiful wife who is my strength and friends who are my laughter, what more is there, O Lord, but this: that you would give me the mind to think this thought and reach back in time so to gather my memories that I might again have this single moment of joy.


Day 23 Guide


What is it, my friend, that might give you a moment\’s pause? Distracted as you are by the things that have no real voice, you must at times break away. Quicken your mind by relaxing your thoughts of things immediate and listen instead to the sounds from afar.


© 2008, Levi Hill

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