28. Experience

In so many ways life is what we make of it. Experience and the witness of life seem so varied among people that surely there’s no sound way to objectively lay claim to what life actually is.

But one thing is certain: life is full of happenings. The stream of life carries with it a constant flow of change, and most of what actually occurs is out of our control. But we are in control of our overall experience and what we make of life. And that’s an important key: controlling our experience.

Experience, as I would describe it, isn’t merely the simple transcription of life marked on the brain. Yours and my experience of similar events are completely personal. Individual experiences carry with them, in addition to the event itself, the mark of one’s motives and desires – one’s sense of life. Experience, therefore, is terribly complex. Even yet, it seems clear to me that we are in control of most of our own experience.

Our hopes and dreams, even our feelings of guilt or a sense of duty, are inextricably bound to our experiences and in our minds become a part of life’s events. I believe it is most important, even urgent, to make the effort to mold a perspective that sees life as meaningful and full of purpose – to see the beauty and the design in life. I believe life to be not simply a chronology of events but rather an aim to satisfy a divine and beautiful purpose; I believe that we all are living inside God’s great plan.

Day 28 Guide:

Today, I want you to think back on your life, as far back as you can remember, and begin to create a mental collage of your experiences thus far. You could even choose today as the start of your personal journal or portfolio. And as you chronicle your life, pay close attention to the common threads. Ask yourself these questions: What is it that I see as common threads in my sense of life? Does my collection speak of one who sees life as favorable, or of one who is destined for failure and disappointment?

Reflection is best cast in the light of a view to higher things.

© 2004, Levi Hill

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