26. Hope

I love the transition of ideas from Work to Hope. It is a move to higher things. Hope is the candle that burns and lights the darkened path. Hope restores the spirit in the midst of travail and adversity.

But it’s so easy to lose the feeling of hope, isn’t it? The noise of the day is deafening and makes its solace seem foreign. I believe that hope holds the greatest restorative value to those whose lives provide a rich context of problems, concerns, and anxiety. And that fact alone inspires at least a faint sense of desire that begins to lead one from the rubble.

It is great, that Christian hope of eternal life through Christ. And for many this belief provides even the daily strength that enables a wonderful and positive sense of life.

For me one of the doors to hope opens when I consider the images of common people who demonstrate great victory over struggle. I think of the blind man who is happy and who walks to his workplace using his cane. Or of the crippled child who does his best to smile and be like everyone else. I think of those who face the difficulty of disease with great strength, even those who face death and still find a purpose to life. Images like these erase my problems and instantly reset my priorities. They give me hope in tomorrow.

Days 26-27 Guide:

Today, I want you to look around. Look at the people near you, those with whom you work, or even those strangers who pass by. Find someone who faces adversity with what seems to be an uncommon strength, and then write briefly about that person and the qualities that you admire. Think of that person throughout the day.

The key here is to develop the habit of looking outward. Finding a door to hope is, I believe, more easily accomplished when your thoughts extend beyond your own life.

© 2004, Levi Hill

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