7. Education

Have you ever felt that your life was in some ways guided by an unwritten set of rules? I have. And it’s easy to fall prey to these seeming ways of the world. It’s good, at times, to challenge the code and go against the grain, to find out what’s on the other side of wall. Reading is one of the best ways to make discoveries and open new vistas in your mind. Reading helps you to break the rules.

Day 7 Guide:

Identify someone in whose life you might have an interest. It could be someone that you’ve heard about, admired, or it could even be someone that you despise (Hitler, for example). Search to find a good, concise biography about that person, something you can read in a week or so. www.amazon.com.

Before you begin reading quicken your mind with these questions:

  • How did this person break the rules?
  • What seems to have been the key(s) to his/her success or failure?
  • What qualities about this person do I admire?

Take notes or underline and write in the margins as you go.

— Levi

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