12. Emotion

Leaving my business in the afternoon I travel west to go home, and so on a clear day I’m usually driving into a sunset. But even then, it’s so easy to overlook its beauty. I’m still wrapped up in the day and bound by my thoughts and concerns. Consciously, I know how important it is to free myself from the bindings that were so important during the day, but even yet, finding the desire to make that change is often times hard.

The change that I’m speaking of is really one of a return to the feelings of connectedness with the world around – the feeling of love or the apprehension and rapture of beauty. It’s a change of mood and spirit and really, a move back toward a more vulnerable state of mind.

I think it’s good to soften your perspective at the end of the day, just as the sun’s position in the late afternoon sky tends to soften its light. You might even say that the natural rhythm of the day itself gives off cues as to when to make the change.

Day 12 Guide:

Consider the rhythm or cycle of your day. When do you feel most apt to find (or to make) a change in your emotional perspective? When are you most likely to recognize beauty?

Use this time of day as your cue to make the conscious effort to restore emotional connections. Do whatever you can to invite the spirit back — play music, take a walk, light a candle.

I believe that most people do long for these connections but then hold the opinion that satisfying the desire on a daily basis is unnecessary. I think it is.

Take the position that it is just as essential as completing the many tasks and chores that you face daily.

— Levi

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