March 5, 2007 levi

The Dying Love of Ensign Bee: A tale of two young lovers separated by the sea. The inspiration for this poem was Gullan Hill, a beautiful point in Scotland with a panoramic view of the countryside.

Fire amp; Reason: Step into a conversation between the counter forces of good and evil.

Just Like Me: We all want to be unique, don’t we? In this country, especially, we enjoy our individuality. But we also want to feel like we belong. So in some ways we want to be like everyone else too.

Chairs: While in a waiting room one day I noticed two empty metal chairs side by side. They looked as though they were wanting to be occupied. I started thinking about the life of a pair of old wooden chairs.

Lady in White: This is a special poem written to compliment a vision told to me by a close friend. The poem, I think, is wrapped with an unusual and important sort of energy.

Midnight Stream: A love poem about a dream that revisits a man — a dream that urges him to the stream of unconsciousness called sleep.

Paper Spirits: There’s an important idea in this poem — that ideas themselves are delicate. They can easily be discarded, but they also can fly and demonstrate a beautiful dance. We all need a “wind” in our lives — a wind to help our ideas dance.

The Dance: The story of a boy and girl who for one night knew something special – something that lives on but wanders now in time and space. A dance binds the memory of that night.

The Hands of David: Hands are awesome, aren’t they? Think of the wonders met by the hands of great surgeons. Think of the hands of Jesus — the miracles, the nails. Think of the hands that have touched you.

Pane: It’s hard to see one suffer, isn’t it? The grip of darkness is strong, sometimes stronger than are we. But love can move mountains, and we all need to believe that through love we can overcome the difficulties in our lives and enjoy again the pleasure of an embrace.

A Gardener’s Prayer: God is able to fill us with his creative spirit and satisfy our every need. Pray that He will fill your empty pot.

Frozen Hearts: Time and space — separation. The thought of  distant love may melt the heart and return you to the life within, a life of imagination and memory.

Into the Night: A poem about the fated meeting of two inviting spirits. Darkness makes the memory of this night mysterious and compelling.

For a Moment: The thought of leaving this earth and getting beyond its trivial details leads to a romantic vision of sharing a transcendent life with another.


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