April 27, 2008 levi

Into the Night 

Shadows of the road that led me
To your door at night possess me
Never sleeping, always thinking
Never waking, slowly sinking.

Must I wait for night to call me?
Must I fight this mind that stalls me?
Won’t my spirit give me wings
To fly beyond my reasoned things?

My heart is yearning, ever burning
As I think of my returning
To the doorway of our meeting
Hoping, praying that you’re feeling.

But the daylight snuffs the candle,
And the pain I bare can handle
Steals the space that held the thought
Of treasured moments long I’d sought.

Let me try now to remember
How our meeting left to render
Me unable to forget
The night two tender spirits met.

A darkened road, lonely leading
To the inn, our fate of meeting.
Weary from an endless travel
Felt my mind a tortured ravel.

Whispers from a candle glowing
Called to fill my mind full knowing.
At the desk an old attendant
Passed a key that held a pendant.

In my room a warming presence
Came me over with a pleasance.
Stirred afresh a buried hunger
Lost, I thought, to days much younger.

The man yet old but clear and stable
Led me to the lighted table.
Seeming he, anticipating
Something for my soul was waiting.

The hall but darkened met the light,
Your shadow came into my sight.
And suddenly I felt inside
The mystery left none to hide.

Around your neck a golden pendant
Like the one that on my key went.
Founding joy from consternation
Cutting swaths of inspiration.

Symbols of a strong connection
Galvanized our strange affection.
Ghosts then set my trembling free
And filled this lonely void in me.

So I from this lighted table
Asked you join my seeming fable.
Sat we there for all the night,
And spoke our spirits ’til the light.

Break of day that snuffed our candle
Spoke a pain I bare can handle.
Stealing space that held the thought
Of treasured moments long I’d sought.

My heart left yearning ever burning
As I think of my returning,
To the doorway of our meeting,
Hoping, praying that you’re feeling. 

 Levi Hill – Copyright 2003


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