13. Memory

Sometimes I think about my old bedroom in my childhood home. The image that recurs to me is that of a typical summer day and the sunlight streaming through my windows. The diaphanous, yellow curtains would typically be drawn and the sun’s filtered light would so paint the room with the color of happiness. That memory for me is liberating and warm. I feel safe when I think of the space.

Recollection is probably the most common way for us to acquire the energy of beauty since memory itself has a way of removing the impurities of actual events and rendering images blemish-free. I liken this automatic function of the mind to the artistic process of selectively recreating reality. I think the greatest art captures the essence of things and abstracts from its subject anything that would frustrate the viewer’s apprehension of it.

Day 13 Guide:

  1. Recollect and document five images that speak to you of serenity and comfort. Maybe it’s the recollection of your sitting in your mother’s lap or of Christmas morning. Maybe it’s of a favorite family vacation spot or of a dog that you loved.
  2. Recollect and document five images that speak to you of energy and power. Maybe it’s the recollection of your first date or of highly competitive tennis match. It could be the memory of acting in a stage production or of riding on a motorcycle.

Images such as these are doorways to controlling your experience. They are the passages in your own Joyous Gard.

I’ll talk more later about how to use these images.

© 2004 Levi Hill

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