April 27, 2008 levi

Midnight Stream

My favorite time to live these days
Is pushed into the night.
My head reclined and free of thought
The need no more to fight.

Awake and yet so close to sleep
I’m taken by the dream.
That finds you standing on the bank
Of my midnight stream.

A humid breeze, a lovely scent,
A ceiling full of stars,
Your painted silhouette aglow
Against a moon so large.

Coupled spirits drifting on
A cloud as it would seem,
The rapture of a gentle glide
On the midnight stream.

Trickling from the water’s edge
A playful sounding call,
The rush of ideas bounding forth
Down a nearby fall.

Words, they never make our love
In my enchanted dream,
Just quiet spirits wrapped as one
On the midnight stream.

Levi Hill — Copyright 2002


All around nice guy.

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