Immure To wall in, surround with a wall or walls; to fortify

Kozintsev’s opening scene shows the castle drawbridges being raised to immure the inhabitants in a labyrinth of intrigue, espionage and surveillance.

Magazine article by Peter Conrad; New Statesman, Vol. 132, May 5, 2003.


Ideation The formation of mental images of things not present to the senses. OED

Example: Christopher Miller: The opportunities for creative thought and idea-creation in organizational life are endless. We have used ideation as a tool on issues ranging from vision creation to tax management. — The Futurist Magazine


TrenchantHaving a keen edge, sharp.

Dancer-choreographer Maida Withers, Washington’s leading conceptual artist, has devoted the past 25 years to creating multimedia projects distinguished by their intellectual thrust and trenchant imagination. — Jean Battey Lewis, Washington Times