Time Management

Time Management




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Managing your time is critical to any process of planning and execution. But if you’re like me, your day is choppy and offers only small blocks of time to complete your many tasks. Sometimes, you may have an hour of uninterrupted time and other times only minutes. The en-gram POCKET CARDSTM system makes it easy to put your time to good use. Here are some of the ways that the en-gram POCKET CARDSTM system has helped me to better use my time:

Spare Minutes: It’s not worth starting on a new project if you only have a few minutes until your next appointment or obligation. But a few captive minutes are ideal for making a phone call or writing a note to someone. Instead of wasting those precious minutes, rely on en-gram POCKET CARDSTM to reveal simple tasks that you may be able to complete

Shopping: I love going to the bookstore; it’s just hard to find the time. But when I do finally have the chance, I want to make the best use of my time. The en-gram POCKET CARDSTM system makes that possible. While I’m in the store, I simply scan my cards to find the music and/or book recommendations that I’ve captured over time.

New Words: When I hear a word that’s new to me, I jot it on a card and code it as a vocabulary word. And then when I’m at home near my computer or my dictionary, I try to look up those words and write down their definitions.

New Music: Do you ever hear a song on the radio that you�d like to download? Just grab a card, jot it and code it. Then, when you�re near your computer, hop on iTunes�® and download it to your iPod�®

Letters to Write: Are you bad about writing notes of thanks or maybe simple notes to just say, �I�m thinking of you?� When it comes to mind to write a note, jot it and code it.

Calls to make: We can�t get along without the telephone, can we? Use en-gram POCKET CARDSTM to capture those important calls to make. Just jot it and code it.

Ideas: For me, one of the most important benefits of the en-gram POCKET CARDSTM system is the help it provides me in capturing important thoughts or ideas. How many times have you thought of something seemingly important but then forgotten about it? When an idea comes to mind, jot it and code it.

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