14. Retrospect

Like many people, I am especially sensitive to music. In fact, memories of my earlier days are mostly colored by the music of that time. I’ll bet you’re no different. Old songs take you back to those earlier times, don’t they?

Listen to lyrics of Chicago, from their song “Take me back to Chicago”:

Take me back to Chicago
Lay my soul to rest
Where my life was free and easy
Remember me at my best.

Take me back to Chicago
Where music was all I had
I tried to be good as I could
And sometimes that made me sad.

Take me back to Chicago, to Chicago
Why don’t you take me back
Take me back, take me back
To Chicago.

I still dream of the Lake of peacefulness
The warm summer breeze
‘Cause my life was so much simpler then
Street corners and Tastee Freeze.

I find that listening to music lights the corridors of my memory and helps me to understand the course of my life. I look for the common threads and the roads that led me to the present. Life, as I see it, is more of a tapestry than a series of disconnected and random events. I think it’s important to consider life’s meaning and the hidden drive that seems to be pushing you toward an intended purpose. Apprehending such a beautiful design is wonderful and is possible only when you take the retrospective view.

Day 14 Guide:

Today, consider the common threads in your life and try to answer this question: “What are the characteristics of my life and my overall sense of life that have held with me for as long as I can remember?”

Identify the things in your life that have set you apart from others around you — the things that have made you feel different, not a part of the group. Consider both the psychological and physical characteristics that have separated you, possibly making you feel isolated or alone — things such as fears and phobias, shortness of stature or obesity. Consider also the generally positive characteristics such as a clearness of vision, a desire to lead or the ability to pinpoint the root cause of a problem.

Try also to describe your general philosophy of life. Are you optimistic about the future? Do you feel that your life is part of a greater plan? Or does uncertainty and the seeming randomness of life’s events make you uneasy?

© 2004 Levi Hill

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