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Quiet solitude in nature, reflecting life.

Quiet solitude in nature, reflecting life.

Having a thirst for solitude is often considered peculiar. Those who like it may be branded as withdrawn or introverted. Humans are social beings, true enough. But are we not rational being primarily? And if so, then isn’t solitude important? Isn’t it the ideal condition for thought?

For many people, solitude is synonymous with loneliness. Just the thought of being alone might arouse a lonely feeling. But most people don’t have to worry about being alone. The normal cycles of daily life seem to be in favor of those who want to be constantly occupied. Every day, during every hour, there is something to do, an unfortunate condition which propels the notion that solitude is somehow unnatural and that a desire to be alone may even be symptomatic of depression. How far from the truth!

The Character of Solitude

Solitude’s ways are strange. She’s an intruder to those who despise her and a distant lover to those who long for her. She’s a mystery to some and a haunt to others. She always befriends the thinker. Her characteristic quiet and stillness provide the ideal climate for focused thinking and unbridled creativity.

Despite her attractive features, however, a friendship with solitude doesn’t come easily. To love her you must first court her. And like a blind date, she may initially leave you feeling uncomfortable and awkward.

Making a Date with Solitude

In every corner of time there are things-to-do — ball games, parties, movies, work, etc. Activity has become the norm, and solitude the stranger.

Making a date with solitude isn’t something that you may have a natural urge to do. Unfortunately, and yet quite naturally, you must first know her to enjoy her. Making a date with solitude is your first practical step toward an intimate relationship.

Early morning or late night seems to be the best time for solitude. My personal choice is early morning (4:00AM). There’s a uncommon peace at this early hour. It’s a rejuvenating time, ideal for thinking and working to attain your goals.

Planning for Solitude

What exactly should you do while you are the “captain of your own ship?” The responsibility is yours to stay gainfully occupied while you are alone.

Obviously, there are many things that you can do by yourself — read, study, write, contemplate, create – the list is endless. Deciding what you are going to do in solitude depends on your goals and your ambitions.

Solitude is the ideal climate for developing a personal plan and working to achieve the goals that you define. Goals establish the very basis for measuring success, and a plan defines how you will achieve these goals.

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