April 27, 2008 levi

The Dance

A comfort settled over me,
As I closed unto the door.
A presence filled the air, then me
My soul, it wanted more.

Your name upon my lips was sweet
Though I hadn’t seen your face.
I waited there, they gave you note
I’d come into this place.

My eyes met yours and time stood still
You paused upon the stair.
The world made way for heaven’s gift
To come and fill the air.

Twas’ then we felt and spoke afraid
The words our silence knew,
That love was almost not enough
To satisfy us two.

Your smile, your eyes told everything
That man could but endure.
If this, I felt, now be my part
O, God be there no cure.

Our dance that night like poplar limbs
Moving in the breeze,
Together swaying one with life
As closely planted trees.

We loved that night but never spoke
Of love’s apparent hold.
Arms desperate wrap to draw you in,
But never I so bold

To lay myself before you bare
My heart with yours to live.
My dream was lost that autumn night
And left me part to give.

The music’s breeze is all I have,
My memory calls to you.
The dance that joined our souls as one
Does break us back in two.

Levi Hill — Copyright 2002


All around nice guy.

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