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FIRE:  My ways to you seem random, don’t they? I’m in motion, but really my movements seem as though they follow no path.
REASON:   Well, you said it, I didn’t. There’s a reason for everything. I’m sure your motions aren’t altogether random, they’re certainly bound by physical laws. The wind, for example, pushes your flames to one side. It’s easy to explain.

FIRE: But you wouldn’t agree with the proposition that my flames are controlled by something unworldly?
REASON: Of course not. There’s a reason for everything. But certainly not something out of this world.

FIRE: Why don’t I extinguish myself?
REASON: You can’t extinguish yourself. You’re fire. Fire is fire. You can only be extinguished by some outside agent or source. I, for example, could put you out.

FIRE: But will you put Me out?
REASON: I may, if you continue asking me all these questions. What if I do put you out?

FIRE: I’ll just come back, somewhere else. Possibly at a time and place that you least expect it.
REASON: Oh, so you’re saying that you can come back at points in time of your own choice?

FIRE: It’s not My choice. It’s My destiny. It’s what I do. I don’t make choices. I just live. I am Life.
REASON: If you’re life, why then do you destroy.

FIRE; I don’t destroy. I may engulf something, or even someone, in flames, but it’s not of My choosing.
REASON: So, you’re saying that you’re in control of everything. And if that’s the case, then you have to make choices. 

FIRE: You might not understand choices. I don’t make choices. Remember, I am Life. Life can only go in one direction. And that is My direction. I don’t make choices. Choices would make Me less than fire. I act. And that is what I do. Fire is Fire. Life is Life.
REASON: What the hell are you talking about? Now, you’re really starting to get on my nerves.

FIRE: I am not a part of your life. But I will be at some point in time — your time.
REASON: What do you mean — “my time.” What about your time?

RE: I’m timeless. I have always been, and will always be. Yes, man discovered Me. He’s used Me for comfort and warmth. But he’s seen Me destroy as well.
REASON: Are you a destroyer then?

FIRE: No, but the destroyer does live, and you know him well.
REASON: I don’t understand. What destroyer?

FIRE: The evil one who uses my power to destroy
REASON: Where is he?

FIRE: You won’t find him operating by himself. He must use Me.
REASON: Then it sounds like in a sense he controls you. Do you take orders from him? Do you do what he says?

FIRE: I am fire. I take orders from no one. My dance is not random. My dance is timeless. I am the eternal fire that men have claimed through the ages.
REASON: The eternal fire? But you’ve been extinguished from time to time haven’t you.

FIRE: Never. I am eternal. Your expression “from time to time” — that assumes time. Can’t you see that?
REASON: I guess. But we have to deal in time.

FIRE: My flames dance in time, that’s true. I created time. And I did it for your benefit.
REASON: You created time? And for my benefit? I don’t get it.

FIRE: How else could you witness my dance if not for time. Time is of My creation. My flames reach wherever they reach. They do what they do. And it’s all in My power.
REASON: So, why don’t you just do away with time? Why do you have to have time?

FIRE: I don’t have to have it. But you need it. And this even though you too are actually eternal. Your “true life” is eternal. But your misunderstanding gives you the need for time. Time to change your mind. Time, actually, for Me to change your mind.
REASON: So, you’re saying you’re in control of my mind as well?

FIRE: I am fire. I am who I am, and I am in complete control. The flames that would consume you are from your lack of belief that I am fire. Time is my gift to you. I use it to unravel your life and expose My essence to you.
REASON: So, you’re saying that without you or a belief in your power that your flames will actually consume me?

FIRE: His flames will, not mine. Remember that My fire is a good power. The power of the destroyer only mimics mine; it, however, can only destroy. My power warms and comforts. His power destroys.
REASON: So, what are you saying? That time is important for me? That it’s important for me to unravel myself in order to insure a warmth which flows only through you?

FIRE: The unraveling is not your choice. You won’t unravel yourself. I will unravel you. I am Fire and I do what I will. But spend “your” time wisely, REASON. Think of our conversation. Know that your choices are of My creation. Every move you make is a move that I am responsible for. I will lead you to the warmth if I lead you to the warmth. Believe me that I am Who I say I am and that the power of the destroyer is real. He is wicked and will cause those who believe him to perish eternally.
REASON: This doesn’t sound at all like what I’m used to. Show yourself that I am able to confront you. All I see are your flames. Are the flames You?

FIRE: I am not the flames. Remember, the flames are for you. I am the fire. The flames are a physical symbol. And you are physical. You think in the physical. You need my flames to understand Who I am. Thinking that I am the flames is wrong since the destroyer also cloaks himself with flames. He is the great impersonator. He will lure you with his flames. He will destroy you with his flames. But remember, his flames have their source in Me. Come to me, REASON. Come to me. Your inclination is to move further away from My warmth, but your body cannot stand it for long. Remember that the warmth you have — all of it — is from Me. The coldness that surrounds your distance from Me will always bring you back to Me. Do not be lured by the evil one. His warmth is of this earth, and it will die; his flames I will extinguish in time. But in eternity it will consume forever all that it warmed here on this earth. Don’t be foolhardy, REASON. Step beyond the power of the destroyer, and come to me. Eternal answers cannot be found in the time of this world. Your reason is good for earthly survival but can be the death of your eternal existence. REASON, come to me. I am will explain myself so that your mind is able to find a home for my rest in you.


© 2002 Levi W. Hill IV



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