Thinking About Thinking

Getting Started — It’s hard sometimes to start, isn’t it? However, don’t let that be the reason for not thinking. Life’s too short.

Man and Mind — What can you do with your mind? Is it possible to not think? What does it mean to have the ability to think?

Organization, the first step — Sometimes it just seems too hard to get organized, doesn’t it. It’s easier for some than others, and that’s hard to explain. But for any thinker organization is always the first step. Just remember, it’s something you can do! Don’t let the lack of organization be your excuse.

Mind if I Ask? — A mind full of knowledge and experience is able to produce wonderful things. And the smartest people usually ask the best questions

Language in Mind — Ever thought about how important language is to the human mind? Why did Adam learn language before God created Eve? Might it have had something to do with his ability to learn?

Brainstreaming — You’ve heard of brainstorming, right? Well, take a ride down the stream of thought and find yourself better able to solve your problems and create new possibilities.